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THE ANSWER: Bohemian Concentric on latticinio basket ground.    Bohemia is a region of what is now Czechoslovakia.  The latticinio basket is not visible in the picture.  Age unknown, but probably c1880-1920. 

The dimensions of this paperweight are 2 1/8" by 1 1/4".  The bottom is flat.

Some people refer to this as German pre-World War I based on a very brief reference to this type in Hollister's "Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights", pg. 279. 


  • The glass is slightly gray. 
  • The millefiori don't match any of the known French or American factories and do match those found in paperweights considered to be Bohemian, particular the blue Clichy style pastry mold canes.
  • The transparent colors in the red canes.
  • The relatively small size with a flat crown and flat bottom.
A good reference on using millefiori canes to identify weights is Kulles "Identifying Antique Paperweights - Millefiori"

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