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Val St. Lambert Paperweights (Belgium) for Sale

The Verreries et Etablissements du Val Saint Lambert was founded in Belgium in 1825 by chemist François Kemlin and engineer Auguste Lelièvre.  Kemlin had earlier worked at the Vonêche crystal works in the Ardennes.  They started production in 1826.  It is the only Belgian crystal maker in the history of Belgium.  It is still producing fine crystal today, including paperweights.

The history of Val St. Lambert is intertwined with the history of the two French glass works Baccarat and St. Louis.  The former director of Saint Louis, Amié Gabriel D'Artigues, founded the Vonêche glass works in 1802.  The Vonêche factory was originally in France, but the Treaty of Paris in 1815 made this region part of Belgium.  After the Treaty of Paris, D'Artigues moved his operation to Lorraine to avoid import taxes and purchased the Verrerie de Saint Anne which later became Baccarat.  The glassworks he left behind became the initial glassworks for Val St. Lambert.

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2965 Modern Val St. Lambert Bubble Weight (Belgium). circa 1990.  This paperweight is constructed in three layers.  There is a blue center gather surrounded by a layer of clear crystal.  This layer of clear glass has a design of precisely controlled bubbles at the edge and then another outer layer of clear crystal was added to encase the design.  It has its original foil label with a decorative design and the words "VAL St LAMBERT CRISTAL BELGIUM DEPOSE".  It is also signed on the bottom "Val st Lambert Carrera R". 

Large Size:  Just over 3" diameter by 2 13/16" high.  The base is ground flat. 
Condition:  Excellent condition.  No chips or cracks or scratches. 
Signature:  Signed with a foil label  "VAL St LAMBERT CRISTAL BELGIUM DEPOSE".  It is also signed on the bottom "Val st Lambert Carrera R".

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Signature on bottom

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