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Identifying Crimp Rose Paperweights

Crimp rose paperweights are very difficult to make.  Some artists have mastered the art, others have not.  Many crimp roses are unsigned, leaving collectors to speculate on the origins of a particular example.  Often the crimps were sold or passed from one glass worker to another, making a positive attribution difficult.

This page will feature a range of crimp rose paperweights.  Many of them remain unidentified and I ask all viewers to give me their opinion.  Also, please send me your pictures for addition to this web page.

If you would add a picture or identify a maker, or simply offer a different opinion, please email me at:
2103 Joe St. Clair 20 petal faceted pink crimp rose.  This example has a rare 20-petal configuration with 5 circles of 4 petals plus a central stamen.Signed Joe St. Clair on the bottom and also signed by the glass cutter Sid.  This is a large example with four translucent leaves at the base. 

Magnum Size: 3 9/16" diameter by 3 1/2" high.  Faceted with 6 side facets and one top facet.

If anyone has any information to add, please contact me

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2111 Unknown Maker 16 petal red crimp rose stopper.  There are 16 deep red petals and four translucent green leaves.  The paperweight end is faceted with four side facets plus a top facet.  The facets are angled so that the top is slightly smaller than the bottom.  The stem is unfinished.

Originally I thought this might be a Degenhart stopper because it looks like other unfinished knobs known to be by Degenhart.  But it is much smaller and the configuration does not match other Degenhart roses.  In particular Degenhart is not known to include leaves. 

Melvin shows a similar pink paperweight in the revised edition of American Glass Paperweights and their Makers  (see the sixth color page between pages 48 and 49.  The pink rose is betwen the two "star shaped" paperweights.  She attributes it to Joe St. Clair, but this attribution may be wrong.

If anyone has any information to add, please contact me

Miniature Size: 1 1/2" diameter by 1 2/3" high.  With the facets the top is slightly rectangular 1 1/8" by 1 1/4".  The paperweight portion just over 3/4" high.

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472 Charles Pepper footed yellow crimp rose paperweight.  It is hard to count petals on this one, but I count 17 plus three trannslucent green leaves. 

Charles Pepper was born in 1868 in Buckshutem, NJ.  He worked at Whitall Tatum in Millville, NJ from the late 1870s (at the age of nine) to about 1920.  After that he worked at the Wheaton Glass Comany in Millville, but did not start making paperweights until about 1940.  He retired from Wheaton in 1948 and died at the age of 92 in 1960.

Special thanks to Mark Smith for identifying this paperweight.  My original attribution was to call this a Degenhart Rose.

You can read about Charles Pepper in Old Glass Paperweights of Southern New Jersey by Clarence Newell..

If anyone has any information to add, please contact me

Size: 3 1/3" diameter by 3 1/3" high.  Footed.

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