Sotheby's  "New-York Historical Society Paperweight Collection Auction Catalog"

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Sotheby's "Important Paperweights - The Property of The New-York Historical Society  (New York, January 18, 1995)"

Fabulous catalog from Sotheby's sale of the New-York Historical Society Paperweight Collection on January 18, 1995.  This sale included over 400 paperweights in 317 lots.  It looks like every lot has at least one color photo in the catalog, plus there are 12 full page closeups showing incredible detail. 

The collection included a wide variety of paperweights, ranging from American and French Antiques to Millville weights to Chinese 1930s weights.  Some of these are kind we find in flea markets and online auctions, although the bulk of the collection were French or American antiques (Baccarat, Clichy, St. Louis, Boston and Sandwich, and New England Glass Company).  The catalog includes a history of the NYHS by Wendell Garrett and a history of the paperweight collection by Paul Hollister.

This is a "must-have" catalog for every paperweight collector.  It includes the prices realized for each lot.  The highest price was $46,000 for a spectacular Clichy Bouquet weight, but it is also surprising how many lots sold for under $1,000.

This is the same collection as the one described in the book "Glass Paperweights of the New-York Historical Historical Society" by Paul Hollister (1974). 

8 1/2" by 10 1/2".  194 pages.  Available soft bound and also in a limited edition hard bound printing.

Click on the picture to see an example of one of the 12 full page closeups. 


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