Terris "Caithness Paperweights"

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Colin Terris "The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Caithness Paperweights"

This catalog covers Caithness Glass Paperweights in chronological order from 1969 to 1999.  Paperweights produced for the Caithness Glass Paperweight Collectors Society and those commissioned by businesses and museums are also included.

For each listing, there is an illustration, the name of the paperweight, designer, date of issue, edition size, status and current value.  Information regarding designers, tips on building a collection, and information sources about Caithness and paperweights in general are also included.

This important reference is indispensable to anyone interest in collecting Caithness paperweights. 

Hundreds of black and white photographs plus 16 pages in color.  544 pages including the 20 introductory pages.  1999. 
7" by 9".   Soft cover.

Chapters are:

  • Introduction
    • How Caithness Glass Entered the Paperweight Field
    • The Designers (Terris, MacIntosh, and MacDonald)
    • Collecting Caithness Paperweights
    • Forming a Collection
    • The Collections
  • Royal Doulton Collectors Club and Guild
    • Caithness Glass Paperweight Collectors Society
    • Royal Doulton International Collectors Club
    • Royal Crown Derby Collectors Club
    • Collectors Club Chapters
    • Royal Doulton Visitor Centres
    • Caithness Glass Visitor Centres & Factory Shops
    • Royal Doulton Visitor Centres & Factory Shops
  • Where to Buy (UK, US, Canada)
  • Further Reading
  • Part One (Caithness Collection)
  • Part Two (Commissioned and Exclusive Weights)
  • Alphabetical Index



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