McCawley "Glass Paperweights"

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Patricia McCawley "Glass Paperweights" 

This is one of the earliest books on the subject of paperweights that made a serious attempt 
at identifying the different types of antique and modern weights.  Aside from the text, about half the book consists of drawings to assist in identification and the other half consists of color photographs. 

This is an important landmark reference for anyone interested in the identification of antique paperweights.  The book has long been out of print and good copies are becoming increasingly difficult to find. 

6 1/2" by 9 1/4".  1975, 1982 Revised Edition.
71 pages with many color pictures and black and white drawings.   Hardbound.

Chapters are:

  • Introduction
  • Detail of (millefiori) canes
  • Detail of cutting
  • Story of Saint-Louis glassworks
  • Illustrations of Saint-Louis Paperweights
  • Story of Baccarat glassworks
  • Illustrations of Baccarat paperweights
  • Story of Clichy glassworks
  • Illustrations of Clichy paperweights
  • The Gillinder family
  • Illustrations of Gillinder paperweights
  • Paul Ysart and family
  • Illustrations of Ysart paperweights
  • Story of Perthshire glassworks
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Illustrations of Perthshire paperweights
  • Oriental paperweights
  • Illustrations of Chinese paperweights
  • Museums
  • Bibliography
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