Classic French Paperweights
by Edith Mannoni

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Classic French Paperweights
by Edith Mannoni
Edited by Paul Jokelson and Lawrence H. Selman

Originally published in French, this book focuses exclusively on antique French paperweights from the big glass houses of Baccarat, Clichy and St. Louis.  It has wonderful full color photographs, many of them full page in size.  The author presents a history of paperweights and paperweight collecting illustrated by the very best French paperweights.

64 pages.  Full Color.  Hard bound.  
9 1/4" by 12 1/4".  1984. 

The sections are:

  • Origins (History)
    • Sulphides
    • Millefiori
    • Successful Rediscovery
    • The First Paperweights
    • Paperweights in Decline
  • Baccarat
  • St. Louis 
  • Clichy
  • Revival (of collector interest)

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