Paperweights of the World
by Monika Flemming and Peter Pommerencke

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Paperweights of the World 
by Monika Flemming and Peter Pommerencke

With Price Guide

The book presents a survey of the world of paperweights from 1840 to the 1980s.  The authors discuss the history and production techniques for antique weights and modern makers.  They also include hints for collectors, tips on the care of paperweights, a glossary, a list of museums with paperweight collections, and a bibliography for further reading. 

The material for each factory, studio, and glass artist includes an informative history of that maker, photographs of the maker's paperweights, and a price guide. 

168 pages with color photographs of over 1,000 paperweights.  
Note:  The 62 page text portion of this book contains only black and white photographs and drawings.  The large 102 page Illustrations Section contains glorious full color pictures.
Hard bound.  8 3/4" by 11 1/4".  1998, Revised Price Guide 2000

Sections are:

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • History and Development of the Paperweight
    • Glassmaking in Ancient Egypt and the Near East
    • The Importance of Rome in Glass Distribution
    • The Importance of Venice
    • The First Paperweights
    • Pietro Bigaglia, the Murano Glassmaker
    • Venice Sets the Course of Glass in Europe
    • Paperweights via Bohemia, France, and Britain
    • The Concept of "Paperweight"
  • Paperweight Production
    • Glass - the Material and its Processing
    • The Technique of Melting Glass
    • The California Paperweight Technique
  • Paperweight Makers
    • Bohemia and Silesia (circa 1840-1930)
    • Bohemian "Letter-weights" Pause Work from Bohemia, Silesia, Thuringia, Saxony and Bavaria (c. 1890-1945, 1960 to date)
    • Murano-Venice (circa 1840 to date)
    • Baccarat (circa 1764 to date)
    • Clichy (1837-1870)
    • Saint-Louis (1767 to date)
    • Pantin (1850-1890)
    • Whitefriars (1680-1980)
    • Bacchus (circa 1850)
    • Perthshire (1968 to date)
    • Paul Ysart 
    • Caithness Glass (1969 to date)
    • Selkirk Glass (1977 to date)
    • "J" Glass by John Deacons 
    • China (1930 to date)
    • America (1850-1885)
  • The Glass Studios
    • Studio-Glass Paperweights
    • Correia Art Glass
    • Abelman Art Glass
    • Lotton Art Glass
    • Lundberg Studio Glass
    • Orient & Flume Art Glass
    • Parabelle Glass
    • Josh Simpson Glass
  • Independent Artists
    • Lampwork Paperweights
    • Roland ("Rick") Ayotte
    • Ray and Bob Banford
    • Christopher ("Chris") Buzzini
    • Jim Donofrio
    • John Gooderham
    • Randall ("Randy") Grub
    • Harold Hacker, Robert and Ronald Hansen
    • Charles Kaziun
    • James and Nontas Kontes
    • Dominick Labino
    • John Parsley and Gordon Smith
    • Ken Rosenfeld
    • Barry Sautner
    • Paul Joseph Stankard
    • Delmo and Debbie Tarsitano
    • Victor Trabucco and Sons Jon and David Trabucco
    • Mayauel Ward
    • Francis Whittemore
  • Hints for Collectors
  • The Care of Paperweights
  • Glossary
  • Museums with Paperweight Collections
  • Photo Credits
  • Bibliography
  • Illustrations (Paperweight Illustrations and the Price Guide)
  • Index of Makers
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