The Stars of Texas
by Arthur Elder and Timothy Novak

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The Stars of Texas
Paperweights from the Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas
An Exhibition at the PCA Convention May 14 - 17, 2003 and the MSC Forsyth Center Galleries, Texas A&M University June 9 - November 28, 2003
by Arthur R. Elder and Timothy Novak

This exhibition catalog documents an exhibition of paperweights from the collections of Texas collectors.  It includes outstanding paperweights from all of the classical factories plus most of the modern makers.  159 paperweights are included and all are shown in full color. 

The exhibition was organized to coincide with the biennial meeting of the Paperweight Collectors 
Association in San Antonio, Texas.  As indicated by the title, the hosts of the meeting wanted to show the attendees from around the world some of the best paperweights from the Texas collectors.   

68 pages with over 159 paperweights shown in color.
Available hard bound and soft bound.
8 1/4" by 10 1/4".  2003. 

Sections are: 

  • In Memory of Paul Jokelson 
  • Preface 
  • List of Lenders and Contributors
  • History of the Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas
  • So What Else Was Happening (Historical Perspective)
  • A Modern Renaissance
  • References
  • Antique Paperweights (An exhibit of paperweights by Baccarat, Clichy, St. Louis, Pantin, Belgian, Bohemian, English, American, and Unknown)
  • Modern Paperweights (An Exhibit of paperweights by Rick Ayotte, Baccarat, Bob Banford, Bobby Banford, Richard Braley of Orient & Flume, Chris Buzzini, Jim Donofrio, Randy Grubb, Greg Held of Orient and Flume, James and Nontas Kontes, Steven Lundberg of Lundberg Studios, Peter McDougall of Perthshire, Johne Parsley, Perthshire Paperweights, Matt Quinn of Orient & Flume, Lubomir Richter and Orient & Flume, Ken Rosenfeld, St. Louis, Barry Sautner and Steven Lundberg, Daniel Salazar of Lundberg Studios, Gary Scrutton of Parabelle Glass, Gordon Smith, Paul Stankard, Loren Stump, Debbie Tarsitano, Delmo Tarsitano, Victor Trabucco, Mayauel Ward, Paul Ysart, John Gooderham, Charles Kaziun, Drew Ebelhare, and Francis Whittemore
  • Epilogue 
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