Magic in the Glass - The Paperweight Artistry of
Charles Kaziun, Jr.
by Bernard A. Drabeck

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Magic in the Glass - The Paperweight Artistry of Charles Kaziun, Jr.
by Bernard A. Drabeck 

Charles Kaziun was among the most famous of the American paperweight artists.  He is often credited with contributing to the rebirth of interest in paperweight making.  He made paperweights from the 1940s until his death in 1992.   In writing this book, Ben Drabeck has given us a close look at the remarkable accomplishments of Charles Kaziun.  At the same time, he has shown us the human side of the artist.  A wonderful, well written book.

The book includes interviews with his family, a "memoir" compiled from talks he gave, and tributes from such paperweight notables as Paul Jokelson and Debbie Tarsitano.  It also includes a extensive catalog of the amazing variety of weights, bottles, buttons and related objects that Kaziun made. 

208 pages with over 450 full color images. 
Hard bound.  9" by 11 1/4".  2002. 

The sections are:

  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I - The Gatherings
    • Making of a Legend
    • Family Photographs
    • My Life in Glass (Charles Kaziun, Jr.) 
    • Life with Charlie (Louise Kaziun)
    • Memories (Mary Kaziun Gibson)
    • In My Father's Studio (Charles Kaziun III)
    • Tributes (by Rachel Dohanian, Paul Jokelson, Homer Perkins, Paul Stankard, Debbie Tarsitano)
  • Part II - The Paperweights
    • Categories and Principles
    • Buttons
    • Crimp Flowers
    • Millefiori
    • Lampwork
    • Silhouettes and Foils
    • Overlays
    • Bottles
    • Paperweight Related Objects and Studio Glass
    • Signature Canes
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Index

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