Paul J. Stankard - Homage to Nature
by Ulysses Grant Dietz

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Paul J. Stankard - Homage to Nature  
By Ulysses Grant Dietz 

This is the definitive book on Paul Stankard.  It is the third of three books on Paul Stankard and is an absolutely spectacular book full of detailed pictures in full color.  Nearly 200 paperweights are shown in wonderful detail plus there are many photographs showing paperweights being made. 

The photography is by John Bigelow Taylor, who is one of the leading photographers of decorative arts.  His photographs are stunning and exciting in their detail.  

This is a must have book for every paperweight collector.  

The other two books on Paul Stankard are:

  • Paul Joseph Stankard:  The First Decade by Wheaton Village
  • Flora in Glass:  Paperweights by Paul Stankard by Spink

160 pages with over 180 photographs.
Hard bound.  8 3/4" by 10".  1996.

Sections are:

  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Mastering the Flame:  The Life and Work of Paul Stankard
  • The Plates
  • Chronology
  • Public Collections
  • Selected Bibliography
Click on the picture to see a color plate from the book.


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