Paperweights From The Corning Museum of Glass:
24 Ready-to-Mail Full-Color Postcards

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Paperweights From The Corning Museum of Glass:  24 Ready-to-Mail Full-Color Postcards
Introduction by Dwight P. Lanmon, Director

Published in 1987 to show off the museum's spectacular collection of paperweights, this book consists of 24 postcards featuring
27 paperweights in the Corning collection. There is an introduction by Dwight P. Lanmon, Director of the Museum and a paragraph describing the contents of each postcard on
the inside covers of the booklet.  Most of the paperweights featured are French or American antiques. 

6 double sided pages with postcards plus two additional pages of text.  
Softbound.   9" by 12".  1987.
Publishers list price $3.50, but this title is out of stock with the publisher and distributors.  

Click on the picture to see a color plate from the book.

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